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2019; Lets Do the Dang Thing

Hello Friends!

With 2018 behind us and 2019 already upon us, I want to share some of my takeaways and thoughts from 2018 and remind you that you deserve to go after it. What I mean by this is that you deserve to do it; whatever your "it" is, in whatever form you want to do it. It's time to pursue what fulfils you, leaving the things that drain you in the past. Get rid of all that petty stuff that is weighing you down. Love yourself enough to move past all of the negativity. Do. The. Dang. Thing.

Obviously each year brings so many experiences; some highs and some lows. But, have you ever noticed that when you have a negative experience or are going through a difficult phase, it feels like it lasts forever with no end in sight? Yet, when things are going well, life flies by and the fun moments are always fleeting? It seems like a never ending roller coaster at times. What I've realized, is that instead of fighting these emotions, we have to embrace them! In order to move forward and grow, we can't fight our feelings. In fact, if we fight our emotions, we will continue to go through this emotional roller coaster which will ALWAYS hold us back from our goals.

Instead of being critical and harsh on ourselves, we need to learn to sit in our emotions and thoughts even when they are uncomfortable. Even when it hurts. And even when no one else seems to understand. In 2018 I learned that it is okay to be working on "it" (meaning everything) because we are all working on something. It's okay to not have answers and to feel like the path is always winding. Your life doesn’t have to look perfect, it doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. This life is yours and in order to stay true to yourself you have to learn not to apologize for your decisions or change because of others' opinions.

Ask yourself what makes you happy? How do you want to live? How do you want to treat others? Set your intentions and go for them with 100% effort. I am making it a priority to stop putting unnecessary expectations on myself and constantly feeling like I am not enough or not doing enough. Instead, I will be intentional without being anxious. Take the time you need to figure out how you feel and understand what you need at this point in your life. Life is constantly moving so fast that unless we take the time to check in on ourselves, we will get carried away in the wave of other people’s perception of us; not the truth.

It's time for us to be our own hype man and stop worrying how other people perceive it. We deserve to be loved, to be confident, and to stand strong in who we are. In a world that is fleeting, all we have is ourselves and the way we treat others. So love yourself and love others along the way. It’s time to get after it one day at a time and if you fail, there is always tomorrow. Get up and do the damn thing.

Lots of love in 2019!

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