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5 Apps I Can't Live Without

We all have phones and are on them a lot but are we using them to help us or hurt us? With as much as I travel, I have to use apps to my advantage. I have a few favorites that help me manage work, finances, and scheduling! When life gets crazy I really rely on technology to help me keep it all together.

5. Banking/Airline apps (Bank of America and Delta)

This one seems obvious but if you don't have these two- you're missing out! These two apps have saved me sooo much time because they are super convenient. With the Bank of America app; I can manage my account, deposit checks, and transfer money super easily. Its awesome when you don't have time to get to the bank!

With the Delta app- I am able to check the status of my flights, see departure gates and my FAVORITE- track my bags. It makes traveling so much easier and you can get all your flight information in one place.

4. CamScanner-

This is an app that allows you to scan documents, business cards, photos and more and turn them into PDF files without the hastle of finding a printer/scanner. Its life-saver when you need to scan and send documents on the go. You can scan, save, and send all from the app. It also allows you to categorize with folders so you can keep a record of all the documents you scanned.

3. Later-

I use Later all the time! I have my facebook, Twitter and Instagram all linked to make posting on multiple platforms that much easier. It allows me to create multiple posts at a time and then schedule when I want them to go live. You can prepare your posts ahead of time and not have to worry about making sure you are on your phone during "peak hours". Later is great for when you don't want to be on your phone all night long or want to post while you are busy or traveling!


Most worthwhile investment ever! I use VSCO to edit all my photos in one place. I always used to see people with the same colors on their Instagram feed and it makes it look cohesive and organized. I never knew how they did that until I found VSCO! I don't retouch, photoshop, or anything like that- I only use filters so VSCO is great because it has more filter options and less photoshopping.

1. Google Calendar-

I used to be one of those people carrying around a big calendar with all colors of highlighters and pens just to try to stay organized. Then I found Google Calendar and I am never going back- better late than never! When you have a lot of things going on, it's important to keep it all documented so you are able to stay on top of it all. Google calendar allows you to code by color and also links to your email. So all flight and hotel reservations sync immediately which is amazinggg!

I hope you all find these to be as helpful as I do! I would love to hear your favorites as well!!

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