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Alright guys! You asked and I answered. I love interacting and answering any questions you have for me. Thank you for being so interested and supportive of everything I have going on! You can always email me any questions or topics you want me to discuss on the blog!

1. @theblackisland- "Have you looked into CBD for help with your injuries or what are your thoughts on CBD?"

I am not too familiar with the use of CBD but I have looked into it and spoken to some people who have gotten great results. The LPGA drug policy prohibits the use of CBD. I have focused mainly on long term recovery so I have stayed away from injections, medications and anything I feel would only be a temporary fix.

2. @doc_g_phd_pga- "How's your mental game?"

Growing up I had a great mental game. As I have gotten older, staying mentally consistent is definitely a lot tougher. When you play golf for a living there is naturally way more pressure. This is tough to deal with sometimes especially when you battle injuries like I have. You start to doubt yourself and its hard sometimes to stay confident. I feel like I am very self aware and I am always working to improve in every aspect of the game.

3. @wales_mike- "What about the sport of golf makes it mean so much to you? What drove you to it and made you stay?"

I have played golf since I was 8 and haven't turned back since. I loved the game so much when I was young because my sister played as well so we would spend hours on the course together with my dad. I really enjoyed having someone to play with. As I got older I turned to golf as an outlet. I love that you can go play alone, or with friends. Golf requires so much focus so everything else in life tends to go away and you are forced to focus on every shot.

4. @frankm729- "Who would be in your dream foursome and where would you play?"

This is such a tough question for me! I admire so many players and have a long list of celebrities that I would love to play golf with. I think my dream foursome would be Tiger Woods, James Corden, Demi Lovato and myself. I know this is an interesting mix of people but I like to laugh and I feel like it would be an entertaining round! I would play at Augusta National.

5. @taylor_ramsey- "Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?"

My dream has always been to compete and win on the LPGA. I have had my fair share of struggles over the past few years but I am still working towards that goal. I am trying to enjoy the process more and take everything in stride.

6. @mobbers47- "Can over analyzing a putt on a green put doubt and inability to sink that putt?"

Absolutely. I have definitely had this issue before especially on fast greens. If you over analyze, sometimes you start to get tentative. I like to pick my target and feel the speed. To me, the less thoughts you have over a putt, the better off you will be. I like putting with feel instead of being technical but it depends on the player.

7. @tbortony- "Ice cream, What flavor?"

Ice cream is one of my favorite topics so I really appreciate this question! I really don't know if I could pick one flavor but my go-to if I go out to get ice cream is birthday cake. If I am getting ice cream by the pint I like Talenti Gelato. Can't go wrong!

8. @e_corey_k- "What was the hardest adjustment you had to overcome going from college to amateur to LPGA?"

Too many to count! haha. I feel like I am constantly learning new things and constantly having to adjust. Biggest adjustment on LPGA for me was travel schedule and learning to manage my expectations. I found myself thinking every week needed to be a good week instead of taking things one step at a time like I had done in junior/amateur golf. I think when you go from one tournament to the next it is hard to put a bad week out of your mind and go into the next event with a fresh mindset.

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