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Seoul was such a cool experience! I had no idea what to expect before visiting Korea! We got to see a lot of the city and it has been so interesting! I wanted to give you a short recap of where we went in our free time so here it is!

One of my favorite things we did was visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Admission was $6 per person and it was so worth it! The construction of the palace was completed in 1395. I was blown away that the palace is located downtown! You don't have to go far to see beautiful architecture and to get an authentic Korean experience. We went on a Saturday and it was very busy but there is plenty of room on the property so it didn't feel like we were fighting the crowd all day. There were so many street markets and local vendors right outside of the palace so we were able to experience some history as well as get a taste of true Korean culture.


Another interesting area was Itaewon. There were dozens of bars, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and shops within a short walk. There was a mix of tourists and locals in the area which made for a fun atmosphere. There was something for everyone; you could try Korean BBQ, go to a rooftop bar, sing Karaoke, have a latte and visit a nightclub all within a few blocks! It is a unique area to check out if you are looking for a little bit of everything.


We also got to check out the Shensegae Shopping center on the weekend. It was definitely busy but they had a really cool mix of stores. Just a couple streets over is Myeong-dong. There were so many street carts with clothing, accessories, and all the food you could imagine! I loved that there was culture bursting from every street in the city. Seoul is really authentic and I really enjoyed being emerged in something so different.

Overall we really enjoyed getting to experience Seoul! There is a ton of culture everywhere you go and it was definitely a great experience. The only downside for me was the food... I KNOW, this is shocking to Korean food lovers. Everyone told me before I went that the food is great and "make sure you eat local Korean food" but I was disappointed. Obviously I'm not a local and didn't have the greatest knowledge of where to go but the places we tried weren't the best. Sooo room service was our friend. No shame! Otherwise, our experience was great!

I am still not able to play any golf but my shoulder does feel like its less inflamed. When I get back to the US I will return to my physical therapy and try to get the pain to decrease. I have truly enjoyed getting to travel these past couple of weeks. Taylor and I have been attending meetings overseas which was a totally new environment for me. I enjoyed being able to utilize other skills (off the golf course) and feel like I gained a ton of confidence from doing something outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes, you don't know what you are capable of until you go do it and try! Next up, Hong Kong!

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