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What a week it has been in Singapore! My sister has been living here for the past few months so it was nice to see where she has been living and what she has been up to! There are definitely so many things to see and do. If you love food and an abundance of scenic views, Singapore is for you! I have enjoyed Singapore so much that I have put together a review! I included my favorite food, sights, and shopping to help you navigate Singapore if you get the itch to visit!

So, first things first! The golf. I was fortunate enough to be able to play Sentosa Golf Club which is home to both LPGA and PGA Tour events. I played the New Tanjong course first which was beautiful! I played the white tees and it is a shorter course but has plenty of character. With palm trees, greenery and views of the bay; there is no shortage of amazing views. I was impressed by the condition of the course as well. They renovated the course not long ago and it is still maturing. Singapore is very hot and humid which helps the course stay green year round.

View from the back of Sentosa clubhouse.

New Tanjong Course

The next day, we played the Serapong course at Sentosa. I was even more blown away by this course. From the 3rd hole until the 7th, you have an incredible view of the Port of Singapore. It is so incredible that it was hard to focus on the golf! The mix of lucious green grass and jungle, along with the pristine blue of the ocean makes for a memorable experience. I would say that the Serapong course was tougher than Tanjong because of the length as well as a few narrow fairways.

Hole 4 on the Serapong Course

Serapong Course

Before traveling to Singapore, I had no idea it would be so scenic. I feel like everywhere we have gone, there is amazing such amazing architecture. Even in the middle of downtown, there are palm trees and plenty of greenery to make you feel like you are not in the middle of the concrete jungle. I have also noticed most restaurants have plenty of outdoor seating to allow visitors to enjoy the warm climate.

We ventured over to Chinatown to check out the picturesque streets. I was amazed at how big it is! Chinatown stretched at least a couple of blocks and was surrounded by two temples. There are so many cool stores and definitely a good place to get some souvenirs. There are plenty of tourists there so I didn't feel like we had to worry about taking pictures and being typical "tourists". Most everyone was doing the same so we didn't feel out of place.

One of the places I was most excited to visit was the Gardens at Marina Bay. I had seen so many cool pictures of it and I couldn't wait to check it out. We got tickets to both indoor attractions- the Cloud Dome as well as the Flower Garden. We went into the Cloud Dome first and loved it! You walk in and see a huge waterfall. As you continue to move through the attraction you see flowers, greenery and have a great view of the city. The dome is clear so it seems like you can see for miles. We went to the Flower Garden next and I was a little underwhelmed. There were some beautiful flowers but I didn't feel it was worth it to pay extra to get into the garden when the Cloud Dome had just as many flowers. Both attractions were air conditioned and was a much needed break from the heat and humidity. We spent about 2 hours walking around and seeing all that there was.

Waterfall at the entrance of the Cloud Dome

Flower wall in the Cloud Dome

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

After the Gardens, we went to dinner at Lavo which is a rooftop restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This is one of the most famous hotels in Singapore. The top is shaped like a boat and it offers an amazing view. Lavo serves Italian food and it did not disappoint! We got there at 5:30 and it was happy hour. We ordered the Froze' and it was so good! We had an amazing view of the Port of Singapore, the city and the Gardens. It was an awesome place to really get a birds eye view of Singapore. Lavo gets really busy later in the night so I suggest going in time for happy hour and then you'll get to watch the sunset!

Another restaurant I liked was PS. Cafe. There are multiple locations in Singapore. They all have a unique atmosphere and a lot of different options for food. It is not necissarily the most authentic Singapore cuisine but I really enjoyed it! My Awesome Cafe is a more casual cafe option. It has tons of history with an updated design. They have plenty of healthy options including salads, sandwiches, protein smoothies and açaí bowls. They also have a full selection of beer, wine and liquor so it covers all the bases! If you're looking for something sweet, check out Plain Vanilla. I heard they had amazing cupcakes and they did not disappoint!

Plain Vanilla

We order a carrot cake and a strawberry cupcake and they were incredible!

As far as nightlife in Singapore, there is plenty to do. Throughout the trip we went to a few different places. There were a lot of people out on weekends and weekdays. One place I highly recommend is Clark Quay. There are a ton of restaurants, bars and clubs so you have tons of choices in one central location. We went on a Friday night and it was packed. Another place I enjoyed was leVel33. This is a rooftop lounge/bar that has an incredible view of Marina Bay. We went for a late dinner and shared a couple of appetizers. The food was pretty good but the view was definitely worth it.

Clark Quay at night was so busy but a cool atmosphere. Plenty of things to do!

Marina Bay at night after we enjoyed drinks at leVel33

If you'd like to go shopping, I recommend Orchard Road. There are plenty of department stores and high end stores to suit different budgets. And if you don't like shopping, I suggest at least taking a walk down there to check out the sights or do some window shopping.

Singapore has a cool mix of cultures, cuisine, nature and architecture. There is something for everyone here within a short distance. Most people here speak English pretty well which makes communication easy. If you're planning a trip, you won't be disappointed. Singapore is beautiful and offers so many unique experiences. Ill definiltey be back soon!

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