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Its here! You guys asked me to upload my workout and practice playlists and I have pulled through (finally)! While working out and practicing, like most of you, listen to music. The genre depends based on my mood so I always have to have a few playlists, podcasts and albums ready to go!

Practice: This playlist has a mix of easy going songs, throwbacks and songs that get me in a good mood. It has songs that I never get tired of and could listen to over and over. A mix of Josh Kelley, Matchbox Twenty, Hozier, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Maroon 5 and more. Definitely my go to! Check it out here.

Workout: This workout playlist is a little more upbeat than what I listen to when I practice. I like fast paced and fun songs to keep me going through my workout. I am constantly changing this playlist because I tend to get bored of the "trendy" songs more easily. Check it out here.

Podcasts: I like to listen to podcasts while doing cardio or if I am in the car. They make the time pass quicker and I am constantly learning something. Here are some of my favorites!

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes- I love this podcast because it's so informational but in an entertaining and fun way. Lewis interviews successful individuals and picks their brain on what has contributed to their success. I learn so much about different topics and find that it helps me stay up to date on some really important topics. Check it out here.

Straight up with Stassi- I am a Real Housewives fan and a Vanderpump rules fan. If you don't know what I am talking about- feel free to skip this part! Some of Stassi's episodes are really entertaining, some are not so great. I like her interview with Lisa Vanderpump, as well as her episode with Andi Dorfman. Check it out if you want some lighthearted entertainment!

The Tonny Robbins Podcast- This is an inspirational podcast that always inspires me. It is informational and uplifting. Tonny interviews individuals through a creative lens. He breaks down the tools and mindset of his guests and gives unique insight that provides valuable information that you can apply to your everyday life. Check it out here.

Now you can all go judge my taste in music and let me know your favorites!

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