Feeling the Winter Blues?

January 22, 2018


        The winter months are upon us! As you all know, winter can get a bad rep for creating unhealthy habits like the "winter bod", being lazy on cold stormy days, and being pretty unproductive in general. No doubt these cold winter months can pose a challenge when working to keep your goals. Here are a few tips I have found that help me in different aspects of my life to beat the winter funk.



Golf Course

     I always love training aids for short game. I use them a few times a week but during the winter months I find myself using them daily. I know when I use them that I am getting a lot done and being very efficient. My favorite aid for putting is a mirrored board called an Eyeline. It helps check your posture and promotes a straight back straight through stroke. It helps me to get everything in line. 


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     Beauty products are a must for me with cold weather. I like to use a lot of hydrating products to protect my skin and to prevent any damage from being outdoors all the time. 


       I use Loreal regenerist cream during the day for my face. It also has broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 18 in it so I am making sure to protect myself from the sun! For my body, I use Cetaphil. It is a great basic moisturizer. Neither of these products are harsh on the skin and they give you enough moisture to last through the day. 


      Through a friend I have recently discovered the best lip balm. It is on the higher end but it is so worth it to keep your lips soft and moisturized! I carry it with me daily. 










      For some reason during the winter months I have such a hard time stretching. No matter how often I stretch I still feel tight and stiff. My foam roller is my favorite tool to loosen my muscles and helps me warm up and recover from workouts. I use a medium firm one but there are so many variations depending on your needs. 


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    I hope you love these products and tips as much as I do! It is so important to maintain a productive routine regardless of the weather. Get into a routine and stick with it. Take care of your body and stay warm!





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