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Week 8


While on our trip to India, my sister, Taylor had an unbelievable opportunity presented to her. The Krishnapatnam Port hosted the events I went to participate in. KPCL ended up offering her a job on their marketing team. They saw a lot of potential and a person who is adaptable, confident and willing to work hard. She accepted the job without even knowing the exact job description, salary, or even what country she would be located in. Im telling this story because to me, I saw her willing to take a risk. She was willing to step out into an unknown, scary and uncertain situation because she values her happiness. Her previous job was very unrewarding and wasn't fulfilling her. She was searching for something with a potential to grow as a person and in her career. Taylor knew that by quitting her previous job for this new endeavor people would question, doubt and try to put her down for taking this risk. Although all the "outside noise" led to so much negativity, she knew deep down that what matters is HER HAPPINESS.

Don't let the opinions of others or their own fears tear you down. Life is short. Take chances and never feel you have to apologize or have an explanation for you decision to pursue happiness.


I have been traveling a ton lately! It was also my birthday recently so many factors have lead to some pretty unhealthy choices. I have felt sluggish and fatigued since returning from India. I know part of this is jet lag but also because I haven't kept up with my health like I normally do.

When life gets in the way and you slip up on health, it can be so daunting to get back on track... it sometimes feel easier to continue the unhealthy habits. You are not the only one who feels this way! The journey back to a healthy lifestyle requires one step at a time! I started by going to the grocery store and stocking up on fruits and vegetables. I brought them home and prepped them (wash, cut, and store) so that I could take it out of the fridge and go straight into cooking. This cut down a step of preparation and also made the healthy option and easy one! Next step: getting back into the gym!


Through the past 3 months I have struggled with purpose and as I have previously mentioned this is something that changes for me constantly. Looking back, I have realized something I have done to help myself through the uncertain times is to stay busy. I obviously value down time and feel it is important as well. But when I say "staying busy" I am referring to staying productive. When you are feeling a little lost and not sure of your next move, keep going. Find things that make you happy or that keep you in a positive mindset.

For me, I have been working part time while recovering from my injury. Obviously its not exactly what I want to be doing but it keeps me busy, helps me save money for next year and keeps me active! Working has also kept my mind off of the pain and forced me to focus on other things. Its the little things that you can control daily that really make a big difference in your mindset.

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