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Week 5

Happy, Healthy, Purposeful was created from my own desire to improve. I am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge, health and career and I am excited to embark on this journey with you all. I have been playing competitive golf for 13 years and have been playing professionally since 2014. Throughout this journey I have realized how important it is to live a Happy, Healthy and Purposeful life no matter what your path may be. We are all on different journeys but my hope is that we can grow together.



Stop making excuses. I cannot stress this enough! I have been guilty of this and it is still a constant work in progress. How many times have you thought about going on a walk, taking a yoga class, reading that book you bought a few months ago? But then there's a voice in your head that tells you not to. You're too tired. Its too hot outside. If we continue to tell ourselves all the reasons why we shouldn't, we have spent more energy than it would've taken to do it. Stop talking yourself out of your own happiness and make a commitment to yourself. Set goals and values and don't waiver from what you want. You will feel so much happier and more free when you cut out the excuses!


I have two words for you- morning cardio. I am not a morning person and never have been. But the benefits I feel from doing morning cardio make it much easier to not hit snooze. I have recently been doing incline treadmill walks, a jump rope circuit or a HIIT circuit in the morning and feel so much better! You kickstart your metabolism, have a positive start to your day, and if something unexpected comes up during the day you don't have to worry about missing your workout- its done!


I have never been great with numbers or had a great understanding of finance. Since I started my professional golf career 3 years ago I have been trying to improve with financial planning and budget management. Since I am essentially running my own business I have to hold my self accountable. Whether you run your own business, have a salary, or have a part time job; it is important to know your financial goals and values. I found this video extremely beneficial and informational and am excited to apply these tips!

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