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I am a professional golfer currently on the Symetra Tour. I earned my LPGA Tour card in 2016 after turning pro in 2014. Unfortunately, injuries lead to me losing my card in 2017. I enjoyed my time on the LPGA and am working on regaining status. 

There have been many ups and downs throughout my career. I have tried to learn from each mistake and take each step as a learning experience. Golf has always been my passion and I truly enjoy the game and the many aspects that come along with being a professional golfer. I have the privilege of being a role model and passing on the knowledge I have gained through my experiences. 

I started playing golf at the age of 8. Because the majority of my life has been dedicated to golf I have had to learn so many life lessons like discipline, resilience, integrity and many other skills that I have come to appreciate. These same skills I have learned through golf can be applied in so many other aspects of life. I enjoy the process of self improvement and I am constantly striving to reach my full potential- whatever that may be! 

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